If you are looking for something to do other than hunting and fishing, Afognak Island is pure Alaska wilderness and ideal for hiking, beachcombing, photography, kayaking and wildlife viewing. It’s protected bays, majestic mountains, rainforests, abundant wildlife and history make it a spectacular, enchanting place to visit.


Our lodge is located on 40 Acres of the site of the Old Afognak Village. In 1964 one of the largest natural disasters in US history, an earthquake and Tsunami destroyed the Afognak Village. It was a traditional Alutig Village made up of a series of settlements along the beach. Abandoned and dilapidated buildings, artifacts and a cemetery make an outdoor museum rich in history, inviting exploration.


The rugged terrain and dense old-growth Sitka spruce forests offer incredible hiking. Mountains rise from the ocean offering spectacular views of valleys and the coastline including the surrounding islands. You will have ample opportunity while hiking to see plenty of wildlife including Sitka blacktail deer, Roosevelt elk, fox, Kodiak brown bears, and freshwater otters. Hiking Kodiak Island is a breathtaking adventure.


The lodge has 1000 feet of beachfront with sea glass, shells, driftwood, kelp, shorebirds and the occasional deer, fox and bear. It makes a wonderful place to explore the coast and listen to the surf and relax. It is also a great place to see whales, sea otters, seals, eagles in addition to a large variety of seabirds.


Photographic opportunities will be part of any activity you choose. Every part of Afognak Island is beautiful and interesting; filled with beauty, flora and fauna and wildlife begging to be photographed.


Sea kayaking Afognak Island is a peaceful quiet way to explore the coastline and view the island from another vantage point. The difference between low and high tide can be as much as twenty feet exposing rocks and changing the shoreline. It offers the opportunity to get closer to sea otters, whales and other marine wildlife.

Your vacation can be as adventurous and challenging or as relaxing and laid back as you choose. We will customize any adventure to suit your tastes and abilities.

Please contact us to start planning the adventure of a lifetime!